Why Maers & Goldman?

Maers & Goldman understands that there are other choices out there when it comes to hunting the Cordoba Region of Argentina.

It is this simple fact along with the pride of all of the staff that creates an environment which makes our hunting experience stand out. Our guides, bird boys, lodge staff, masseuse, and cooks all focus on "The Experience".

Junior Maers, one of the owners, was the first outfitter in Argentina to provide hunters with this wingshooting experience. He and partner, Ariel Goldman ensure that every member of their team goes out of their way to ensure that each hunter is having a better and more enjoyable time than they ever expected. We understand that the hunt is the primary reason why each hunter came which is why we have so many properties within the Cordoba region available to hunt - we ensure that we do not just place hunters where the birds are, instead we place hunters where the most birds are. By doing this, we ensure a fantastic hunting experience, which we accentuate with an unforgettable culinary experience.

This is highlighted by the Argentinean Malbec wines and beef selections and completed with our intriguing desserts that leaves each hunter looking forward to the following day's meal selections. It is "The Experience" that makes Maers and Goldman the best. It is this reason why anyone considering a wingshooting trip to Argentina should hunt with Maers & Goldman.

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